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Technology and Consumer Behaviour combined results in Real Big Things.

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What's this all about then?

Real Big Things is a series of short lectures designed to inspire and educate marketers about all things Digital. Each session includes a bunch of presentations about how different trends and technologies are changing the way we behave. We also provide freshly roasted coffee and delicious pastries.

I need a ticket

We hear you.

Sometimes we all need a ticket. Sometimes we also all need a summer vay-cay, which is exactly what we're doing for the next little bit. Real Big Things will be back, recharged and reloaded before you know it.

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so frequently we've written down the answers

  • 1. Cool. Who's speaking?

    Really smart people who are charismatic, passionate about this sort of stuff and know not to put too many words on a slide. Don't worry about hunting for headline names, just know that we've got more to lose than you do by not putting on the best. And besides, it's not about the who, it's about the what. The content is totally kick ass.

  • Why read when you can watch.
  • 2. Right. Can you give me some examples?

    OK sure. We might look at wearable technology, the future of money, how 3D printing is changing the world, the internets deep, dark underbelly, thoughts on writing a brief in 2022 or the next round of industries likely to be completely annihilated by the web.

  • 3. Wow. So it's kind of like all the stuff I'd read about, if only I had the time?

    Exactly. And why read when you can watch? Plus, we'll help you with the whole 'but what does this mean for me as a marketing person?' bit too.

    See past events
  • 4. Hang on a sec. I already go to a fancy two day digital conference every year.

    I bet you do. So you already know they suck. Average speakers, annoying sponsors and those nasty plastic name tags all make for a rubbish day or two out of the office. Maybe two days of shmoozing once a year was how things used to work, but 363 days seems like a long time to wait between bouts of knowledge and inspiration. We think two hour sessions spaced regularly throughout the year works better. Come once and we're sure you'll agree.

  • Say no to plastic nametags.
  • 5. OK you got me. How much does this thing cost?

    Depends when you book. We don't know how many people want to come to each session or how much they'd like to pay. Rather than guessing, we've built a 'pay your ticket number' system. The first person to register pays $1 for their ticket. The second pays $2. The 251st pays $251. Get it?

  • As little as a dollar a ticket.
  • 6. Got it. So I'd better get in quick. When and where does this go down?

    Because of our ticketing system, we don't lock in the venue until the last minute. That said, it's a safe bet that you'll find yourself between Prahran and the CBD with good access to parking and public transport. It's always on a Friday, 7:30 for an 8am start and out the door by 10. .

Anything else I should know?

You should totally come. It's fun, educational and might only cost you $1.


Hang on, I've still got more questions.

Real Big Things is currently being powered by Hardhat. If you're interested in speaking at one of our events, read below and see if you qualify. If you've got questions, you can get in touch:

or, calling us on the telephone at:
03 8554 1444 and asking for Gabi or Tom

Hello Gabi

Want to get on board as a speaker?

Got something awesome to present on? Cool. If it gets past these ground rules please call the office, ask for Gabi or Toots and tell them all about it.

Your presentation is about:

  • Ideas, not your agency or business
  • Micro or macro trends
  • Technology and how it’s changing the way consumers and businesses behave
  • Taking big complicated things and making them fun and easy to understand
  • Inspiration and/or education for the audience
  • Fun

Your presentation isn't about:

  • A pitch
  • A pitch thinly veiled as a case study
  • A pitch thinly veiled as a trend
  • Old/boring news
  • Complicated things that only serve to make you feel smart
  • A pitch

Most speakers don't make the cut. Those that do get all sorts of perks including:

  • The pure joy of spreading their technology gospel
  • A boosted profile and a little extra swagger in their step
  • Assistance putting together a killer deck from some of the best in the biz
  • Comp tickets to share with family, friends and colleagues
  • A cheque made out to your charity of choice for 5% of all ticket sales from the day
I think I make the cut
Call us & ask for Gabi


Chosen by the speakers themselves.

Yep, each speaker nominates a charity. We then donate 3% of ticket sales. So if you do the math, 5 speakers x 3% (carry the one) = 15% of ticket sales. Check out some of the charities doing great work below.